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To start using Rodo, simply download the Rodo app on Playstore for android devices or Appstore for iOS devices.

In case you have any issues with our service and you contact Rodo Support, then Rodo will use your email to update you on the status of your issue.

Please make sure that your phone is enabled to receive OTP via SMS (Native Phone Message). If you are having trouble in receiving the OTP via SMS, click “Resend OTP” on the Rodo app OTP verification page.

You can locate the nearest Rodo bike by using the Rodo app which displays all the bikes around you. If you are unable to locate a bike, try refreshing the screen by clicking Rodo next to the UNLOCK button or look out for a Rodo Zone around you. If there are no Rodo zones in your area, request one here . We are continuously expanding!

If you are unable to unlock the bike by scanning the QR code, try entering the Bike Number below the QR code section. If the lock still does not open, then please close the app and try to scan the QR code again. If you repeatedly cannot unlock the bike, please follow the advice below: • If your phone’s Bluetooth is on, please turn it off and turn it on again. • If the bicycle is kept in dark and your phone cannot scan the QR code, please use the torch icon to turn on the phone light. This will help the camera to read the QR code properly. • If the app prompts you with “Enable Bluetooth”, please allow Rodo app to use your Bluetooth to open the lock. • After successful scanning of the QR code, if you hear a buzz sound from the lock and the lock did not open, then please wiggle the lock and the back wheel. The bike will beep and then try to scan the QR code again. • If the app is not showing the bike on map screen, then this bike might be temporarily unusable. Please wait for our maintenance team to intervene. Your safety is Rodo’s first priority. • If you tried all of the above and still can’t unlock the bike, please help Rodo by creating a ticket using Rodo Support Rodo on your app.

Rodo has designated Rodo Zones Rodo displayed in black on the app and Rodo allows you to park a bike at a Rodo Zone only. You cannot end a ride if you are not at a Rodo Zone. For convenience, please check if there is a Rodo Zone close to your destination before you start your trip. Tip: Please check on the app before you drop a bike at a Rodo Zone. Sometimes several users out of ignorance drop bikes at certain spots which might look like a Rodo Zone due to multiple bikes being accumulated there – whereas it might actually not be a Rodo Zone.

Check for the nearest Rodo Zone Rodo on the app. Park your bike at the Rodo Zone and manually lock the bike. Click on the End Button in your app to successfully end your ride.

To top-up your wallet, click on the Main Menu (Hamburger Menu) in the app and click 'My Wallet'. On the ‘My Wallet’ screen click on the Wallet Balance card. You can enter the Top-Up amount and pay via Paytm or other payment methods.

Wallet money is non-refundable but don’t worry, your wallet money is yours and will never expire. You can use it anytime.

In this scenario, your ongoing ride will not get affected. However, you will not be able to start a new ride and will not have your deposit refunded until you have topped up your wallet to pay the negative balance.

A minimum topup of Rs.100 must be done to start using Rodo.

Effective from Thursday 14 June 2018 A single trip costs - Rs 10 for the first 30 minutes - Rs 5 for every subsequent 30 minutes Pause charges: Same as trip cost with no charges between 6 pm to 9 am Billing starts once the bike has been unlocked. The timer resets for every new ride!

Rodo 60: Rs 300 - 60 rides of 30 minutes each (Validity 30 Days) Rodo 30: Rs 200 - 30 rides of 30 minutes each (Validity 30 Days)

Non-compliance of our policies will lead to a penalty of Rs. 1000. We urge you to drop off your bike at a Rodo Zone to ensure it’s safe and always available for the next user. In case you are penalized incorrectly, please raise a customer support ticket for resolution.

You can now make multiple stops within one ride! Simply hit Pause on the app, finish your work and resume riding again. It is beneficial for round trips and running errands. The charges for the Pause duration will remain the same as that for a ride with no Pause charges between 6 pm to 9 am. Rodo KEEP allows you to keep a bike between 6pm and 9am next morning with no Pause charges. During this time, the user is responsible for the safety of the bike. KEEP is released by dropping the bike back at a Rodo Zone. If the above rules of KEEP are not followed and the bike is not dropped at a Rodo Zone, a penalty of up to Rs. 1,000 will apply because the bike is assumed to be at risk.

The charges for the Pause duration will remain the same as that for a ride with no Pause charges between 6 pm to 9 am. Under Pause, the bike is reserved for you and nobody else will be allowed to use it.

Yes. You must, however, drop the bike at a Rodo Zone to end the trip. Under KEEP, drop your bike at a Rodo Zone by 9 am the next morning to end your ride.

If you see a faulty Rodo Bike (flat tire, broken breaks, broken pedal or otherwise), please click on the Rodo in the Rodo app and report the problem in the Report Misuse section. Rodo will fix the bike as soon as possible. User safety is Rodo’s highest priority.

If you see any illegal or poorly parked Rodo bike, please send us a feedback and you will be rewarded with Rodo Credits (Rodo Karma Points). To report, click the Rodo in the Rodo app, and provide the bike number.


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